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The Story of The Big Oarlock

Big Oarlock photos Topsail Canvas

The seed for this idea started to grow when my children were little. Daily life with small babies is intense and I disliked the chaos of my diaper bag. I sewed a bag that was wider and shorter to avoid the explosion that happened when I was looking for something in the bottom. Then I sewed two inserts that would divide the stack of cloth diapers from the spare clothes, sippy cups, toys, etc. I put handles on these inserts, figuring if it didn't work, you could always take the little bag out and use it for organizing something else...

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Totes For Life Photo Contest

$50 Contest Gift Certificate photos Topsail Canvas

Win $50 Gift Certificate for Topsail Canvas.After 24 years in business, we want to see where our bags are and what they are doing, and what they look like! Post your photo to the Topsail Canvas Facebook Page, or email it to, we'll add it to the Bag Gallery on our website, and enter you in a draw for a $50 gift certificate. Draw dates: March 31st, April 30th and May 31st. Here is a photo from today. Groceries in The Osprey (small size) and my new purse called The Tern - soon to be added to the website.   Check...

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