The Ketch - Charoltte County Cancer Fundraiser


Topsail Canvas has partnered with Team Fight Like A Girl to raise money for the Charlotte County Cancer Society. Team Fight Like A Girl is a group based in St. George, New Brunswick spearheaded by Paula Clinch. They are tough, rugged, strong, dedicated people raising funds to support family, friends and neighbours who are facing everything that is involved in a cancer diagnosis.

$5 from every sale of this bag will be donated to the Charlotte County Cancer Society.

This special bag comes in hot pink, with black zipper. These are the official colours of Team Fight Like A Girl

The Eastport Locker (Small tote bag for lunch, wine, beer, anything) is also available in the Team colour and a portion of the sale goes to Charlotte County Cancer Society.


The Ketch is amazing for just about everything!

- computer or phone cords

- knitting accessories

- camera or phone

- crayons, pens, pencils

- wallet

- small tools


This Cancer Fundraiser Ketch is 9" x 4.5"