25 Years in Business

25 Years in Business

25 years in business


Wow!  Topsail Canvas was started 25 years ago by my mother and her friend Maggie.  I remember being in the kitchen as they discussed potential names for the business.  Topsail Canvas seemed appropriate since Maggie had been a sailmaker and still wanted to offer those skills to potential customers.  We don't make sails now, as I don't have that set of skills. We also don't make bags out of old sails.  Maybe sometime in the future, but for now we use new cotton colored heavy canvas.

It was 1991 when Martha and Maggie were asked to make bags for the Coastal Convergence Conference - held in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, I think.  I would love to hear from anyone who has one of those first bags.  The production expanded to include zippers and pockets creating The Overnight Bag.  I still see these going around town.  I have renamed it 'The Anchor' because we have sold so many over the years.

In celebration of 25 years, I will be doing some 25% off sales.  You can 'like' our Facebook page to get notifications and other chit chat, or keep checking back here to see what the sale of the week is.

Thank you for supporting small business.  It really is what makes the local economy tick.  

Come visit me in the sewing studio any time you are in Mascarene.






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