Care, Returns, and Resale

Care & Washing

  • The bags are 100% cotton canvas with cotton webbing. 
  • The colours will fade if exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, and with general wear over time.
  • Spot wash when necessary to maintain original style. If you do want to machine wash, front loaders are best to prevent spot wear from the agitation.  Use cold water, a gentle cycle, and air dry to minimize shrinking.  The canvas will become softer with washing, like old jeans. 
  • Please test the webbing before immersing in water.  We have had an occasional batch of webbing or canvas whose colour bleeds onto a lighter fabric.  If you do experience issues with colour running, please contact us - we want to know when this happens, as we try our best to avoid it.  Thank you.



Returns & Resale

This section is being developed.  Stay tuned.