Care, Returns, and Resale


Topsail Canvas's Beyond Return Policy

Rethink - Reduce - Reuse - Repair - Resale – ReGift - ReLove - Return - Recover - Repurpose - Rebuild- Recycle - Respect 


CARE for your Topsail Canvas product

  • The bags are 100% cotton canvas with cotton webbing. (*There are some exceptions, noted in the product description)
  • The colours will fade if exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, and with general wear over time.
  • Spot wash when necessary to maintain original style. Machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle, and air dry to minimize shrinking.  The canvas will become softer with washing, like old jeans. 
  • Please test the webbing and dark colours before immersing in water.  We have had an occasional batch of webbing or canvas whose colour bleeds onto a lighter fabric.  If you do experience issues with colour running, please contact us - we want to know when this happens, so we can avoid it in the future.  Thank you.


We hope you are happy with your Topsail Canvas product, however if you change your mind, here are the details to keep in mind for RETURNS.

  • Product must be in unused clean original condition.
  • Contact Topsail Canvas within 30 days of receiving the product (either in the mail, or directly at a show or the studio).
  • Ship the item back to Topsail Canvas within 60 days of receiving it. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer. 
  • If the above conditions are met, then you will receive a refund for the cost of the product. Original shipping costs cannot be refunded.


DAMAGE.  Should your product arrive damaged in shipping, please contact Topsail Canvas immediately to discuss replacement or refund.


MANUFACTURING.  One of the core principles at Topsail Canvas is the creation of strong, durable products that will last for many years.  We do our best to test our designs before they go out to the customers, but sometimes there are flaws, or weak spots in the design or construction.  We really, really want you to tell us about these if you find a manufacturing defect or a design fail in your bag.  This will help us fix the problem and continue to produce the best products possible into the future.  You, the customers, are our best research and development team. 


REPAIRS.  We intend for our products to get a lot of use, and yet all things get worn over time.  This can create a lovely visual history of all the adventures that the bag has been on.  But sometimes, a rip or worn spot compromises the function and the bag must be assessed for repair.  Please send us photos and we will discuss the options.  Currently, repairs are free as we learn about where the bags get worn and the various repair strategies.  We believe in keeping our products in use for as long as possible, thus keeping them out of landfills and reducing our consumption of new resources. 



What to do with a Topsail Canvas bag that is sitting in your closet and not going out on adventures with you anymore…

Return it to Topsail Canvas (at customer expense) for credit toward a future purchase. Credit is $1 per ounce of bag weight.

What will I do with the returned bags that you are done with?  If they are in good condition, I will resell them on the Resale section of the website.  If they can be repaired, I will do this and then add them to the Resale page. Some bags may not be repairable, but there may be pieces that I can reclaim and use to create new bags for the Reclaimed page.  Or perhaps, the returned bag is truly at the end of its life.  These will have a story to tell and I will be able to learn where they wear out and gather information to improve product design in the future.  Eventually, I will have a pile of scraps and old pieces of bags to find a recycling source for. 

Why do this?  I feel like it is the right thing to do.  It keeps me responsible and accountable for the ‘Stuff’ that I put out into the world through my business.  I am also very curious to see the bags again and learn about the cycle of resources.  It bothers me when I look in my own closets and see things that I am not using any more, for whatever reason.  I know that I am not alone; we all have stuff.  I want to offer an incentive to return the item to me, so we can keep it out of the landfill for as long as possible, through repair, resale, regifting, repurposing.  Let’s work together to keep the bags circulating and continuing their adventure through life.


Rethink - Reduce - Reuse - Repair - Resale – ReGift - ReLove - Return - Recover - Repurpose - Rebuild- Recycle - Respect 
 Keeping the adventure in all our bags.


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