By Name

 The Names of our bags are all related to boats, boating, or sea birds to honour my personal connection to the ocean. 

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The Anchorage

The Bowsprit

The Cabin

The Catboat

The Ditty

The Duffel

The Eastport Locker

The Eider

The Firewood Carrier

The Flying Jib

The Galley

The Gannet

The Growler

The Harbour

The Ketch

The Mallard

The Marina

The Merganser

The Osprey

The Oarlock

The Peapod

The Pelican

The Penguin

The Pennant

The Puffin

The Sandpiper

The Single WINE Bag

The Skipper

The Tern

The Transom

The Tool Roll

Teeny Tiny Tote