This bags are explorations bag, meaning that they do not have a design name or follow a pattern or design specifications.  They are bags that I created on a whim, based on a colour or features that I felt like exploring on that particular day.

Are you looking for the yellow and olive coloured bags that are scheduled for tonight? They will be available at 7pm Atlantic Standard Time. 

Refresh your browser to make the products appear.

If by chance your browser has been open to this page for several hours and the yellow bags are still visible with the word PREVIEW in the Title, this means you need to refresh your browser. If it is before 7pm, they will disappear.  If it is after 7pm, they will reappear, and anything with a Sold Out button means that someone else has snagged it already.

If you miss out, I am sorry.  This was a small batch.  I will be making more bags in the future, of course.