Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility

To match your values with your actions and to do what is right in this world…. that is a big, complicated goal.  This business has been great for me.  I love the creativity, the interaction with customers, the inside workings of a business, and even the spreadsheets. And yet, in my own daily life, as a consumer, I tend to question everything I buy, attempting to reduce my spending and my use of resources as much as possible.  So, it has always felt a bit odd, that the method through which I gain income for my family is by selling ‘stuff’ to other people. Over the years, I have had ideas running about in my head, and I finally feel ready to start putting more of them in place. 

There is a concept called Extended Producer Responsibility.  To be responsible for the product: from its inception as raw resources through to its end of life.  To tackle the whole cycle is a big project, and frankly very overwhelming. How much can be done with a tiny business such as Topsail Canvas that consists of just one person?  I will work on it, one step at a time.  This will be a work in progress with many observations, tweaks, and changes. 

When a customer comes looking for a bag, it is my job to help you find the right one for your purpose. It is important to reduce consumption of our resources, and I don’t want you to spend money that you don’t have. I want to encourage you to only buy the bag if it is right for you. It may not be a product that I have. So, you may go away to think about it and compare elsewhere.  This is okay with me.  It is what I do in my own shopping.

When I design and construct a bag, I focus heavily on its durability.  I want it to last for many adventures.  However, I don’t always have time for testing.  So, if you purchase a bag from me and the product is defective or the stitching lets go, please return it so I can learn and improve on the design. 

I am also working on something to address all the bags in our closets that we do not use anymore.  And what to do when a bag is completely worn out. Have we explored all options of responsibility and respect for the resources used to make it?  That is Extended Producer Responsibility idea. 

I will be launching some new sections to my website soon.  I am excited to see your reaction.

Happy Earth Day

~ Sadie

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