How to Buy from Topsail Canvas

How to Buy from Topsail Canvas

I often get asked if I do custom colour combinations and also what is available to purchase right now...

So, I have rearranged the website to better help with these questions. 

I have created a section called *Made-to-Order* where you can see all of the different products that Topsail Canvas offers.  Within each product description is a list of the colour choices for that bag. You can order the bag via website, phone call, or email.  Then I make it up for you.  Delivery time varies widely, depending on what my work schedule and order backlog looks like at that particular time.

The other section is called *Available-Now*, which means you can walk into my studio and buy it off the shelf, or call/email/order online and I can ship it out that week.  This is a new 'live' inventory feature I am experimenting with - I hope that I can keep it accurate!  Of course, if you pop into the studio for a visit, you might find something fresh off the sewing machine that I haven't had time to post yet.  My studio hours are by chance or appointment, since I work from home and I have two small boys and a lifestyle full of logistical family coordinating.

You can also check out my listing of Were to Buy Topsail Canvas Products.  Various shops carry a selection of our products, but you will have to contact them directly to determine what they have in stock.

Happy Shopping!


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