Orders, Inventory and Life

Orders, Inventory and Life

I would LOVE to have a fully stocked inventory available, PLUS be able to do special colour orders, AND do all the custom work that I get asked regularly! But I would have to clone myself or restructure my business drastically to do this.  I have learned a lot over the years: about expectations, time management, the things that are exciting to me, and the things that cause me stress.  There is never a simple solution; there are always pros and cons to everything.  I love being a one-person operation.  I enjoy all aspects of the business and believe it is the variety of tasks (production, marketing, sales, and administration) that keep it interesting.

So, in an attempt to be fair to all of you who love my products and to me who is creating them.... here is my plan for the summer.

I will work away making bags in the studio - batches of similar style or colour to maximize efficiencies. On the 1st and 15th of each month at 7pm, I will do a drop/restock/update to make these bags available for sale on the website and my studio shop.  It might be 3 bags or 30 bags - depending on my available time during those two weeks prior.  I will post sneak peaks on Facebook & Instagram of what I am working on, but you will NOT be able to have me hold any of these for you prior to their drop/restock/website update on the 1st and the 15th. I will also post a reminder on Facebook & Instagram that the inventory drop is happening.  Would you like it by email as well? I have a subscriber list, but I hate to send too many emails.... Let me know. 

How will I decide what to work on?  Send me a message, email or comment with the style and colour that you are waiting for.  This will not be considered an order, but it will strongly influence what I choose to work on. I will do my best to notify you if your preference is coming up on a website restock.

I try my best to keep the website inventory as an exact representation of what is available in my studio shop ready to ship out or for local purchase.  My studio is open by chance or appointment.  If you can't get ahold of me, you can always set aside a bag for yourself, by adding it to your cart, and then at checkout either choose to pay online, or pay at pickup. I ship on Tuesdays. Flat rate: $15 to the Maritimes, $18 to the rest of Canada, $20 to the USA, and $30 overseas. I will cover the shipping if you get all excited and order over $200 of Topsail Canvas products. Tax is added to all products.

Thank you so much for your support and love of my bags.  It is because you love them so much that I am so busy and have to set out plans and schedules like this.  Always attempting to keep the majority happy.  

I hope you are enjoying spring weather wherever you live.

~ Sadie

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