Restocking Schedule Fall 2020

Restocking Schedule Fall 2020

Is there a bag style or colour that you would like but it is sold out? This fall, I have limited resources - both in time and supplies - so I have to be careful to use my resources wisely. I have created a schedule so that you will know when each style will be sewn and available for sale.  I will update the website every Thursday evening at 8pm Atlantic Time.  The quantities and colours that I sew will be variable, depending on resources available in that particular week. I will also have some Custom Order days, with limited slots, where I will sew a particular colour or style for you (in case you can't wait until the official restocking day, or maybe the colour you want does not appear at restocking). I will also be adding extra One-Of-A-Kind bags to each weekly update if I have time.

It is hard to come up with a system that is fair for you guys - my wonderful customers - and also to myself and my family life, but hopefully this helps.


Website Updates: Thursdays at 8pm.

October 29th - The Cabin, The Catboat (large), The Anchorage

November 5th - The Merganser, The Marina, The Pelican, The Transom

November 12th - The Eastport Locker, The Growler, The Single Wine Bag

November 19th - The Heron, The Ditty, Needle Rolls, Tool Rolls, The Peapod, The Eider

November 26th - The Harbour, The Galley, The Osprey, The Teeny Tiny, The Firewood Carrier

Dec 3rd - The Sandpiper, The Skipper, The Flying Jib


Special Custom Days:

November 13th - This Custom Day is reserved for anyone who needs to ship their product outside the Maritimes.

December 7th & 8th - These Custom Days are for locals and people shipping within the Maritimes.

For booking a slot on a Custom Day, or for any questions, please email

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