Winter in the Studio

Winter in the Studio

Winter is the season where I don’t head out to so many craft shows. I spend more time in the studio building up my inventory. I store this on the shelves in my studio, so you are welcome to stop by and look at the bags in person. I try to keep the website updated and accurate to represent what is available to purchase. I am not doing custom orders these days; trying to be more efficient with my sewing time which enables me to carve out more time for new ideas. I have so many projects that I want to explore and develop. I really hope to show you some of them later this spring and summer.

Also, March is coming up and I have decided to participate in the March Meet The Maker challenge. This is an initiative by a designer in England named Joanne Hawker. She creates a series of prompts for each day of the month. Any artist or craft person who wants to participate does a social media post each day and uses the hashtag #marchmeetthemaker. There are now many who participate, from all over the world. If you follow me on social media you will get my posts in your feed. But you can also search the hashtag and see who else is posting each day. It is primarily an Instagram thing, but I copy it over to my Facebook page as well. I am a little bit overwhelmed by it again, creating a post every day - I don’t usually post that often. But I had fun last year with it and the feedback from my followers was good. So stay tuned!

Happy Winter,


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