By Name - a listing of all the names of the different styles, so you can find a specific one that someone has recommended to you.

By Category - a listing of categories of bag styles, to narrow your search more quickly.

ALL STANDARD STYLES - These are the amazing Topsail Canvas styles that have design names.  You are likely familiar with them, have seen your friends with them, or hear me talk about them on Facebook or Instagram.

OOAK - One-Of-A-Kind - These bags are created on a whim, based on a colour or features that I felt like exploring on that particular day.

Bent Threads COLLABORATION - textiles handwoven in Fredericton, NB integrated into a canvas bag in Mascarene, NB.

RESALE - Second Hand Bags - These bags were previously loved by someone else, but are ready to continue their adventure with you.

RECLAIMED - Rebuilt from Old Bags - These bags are made from salvaged parts of old bags. Sometimes combined with new canvas to create a fun new bag.

Ready to Buy - In Stock Now - a listing of styles that have at least one bag ready to purchase right now.  Some styles have many colour options available, and some only have one that is in stock. The colour of the front photo is not necessarily the one that is available.  This filter will reduce the clutter of sold out items.