Masks : non-medical face coverings

The face masks are not listed for sale on this website. Currently they are ONLY available through the Topsail Canvas FACEBOOK page

Here’s how it works:
I am not taking orders. The method I have been using to distribute through the community is for you to call DIBS on the Topsail Canvas Facebook page when I release them. Once I have a batch ready, I’ll post a date and time that they will be released. At the appointed time, I will do a post with several colours and quantities available. The first people to comment DIBS under their colour choice will get a confirmation from me and details for pick up or shipping.

I hope this works for most people. It is so hard to find a system that is simple and fair for both me and and the customers. I do not take orders or keep a wait list because I would be swamped and backed up with work for weeks  I know the demand is high. With this system, I am able to keep my administrative communication hours to a minimum and be more productive with sewing. The First Dibs system also allows all of you an equal chance at every release event. You will know within an hour if you got one or not and can proceed to other sources if you are in urgent need. If you are not on Facebook or slick with the internet, maybe you can find a friend who can call DIBS for you. 

Masks are available for FREE or PAY WHAT YOU CAN. Payment by etransfer, or cash donation to the bucket at my Picnic Table Pick Up.

- 2 layers cotton. Usually one of quilting cotton and the other a lightweight canvas. But some are double canvas.
- a nose wire for a better fit to reduce the fog when wearing glasses.
- a sleeve in between the two layers to add a filter or extra fabric if you want.
- one long tie that slides through the slots at the side for easy adjustability. You can reverse it so the tie is at the back of your neck or on the back of your head. You can also replace the string with a long piece of elastic, knotted to your specific fit. Look for a photo of me in the comments that shows how the tie works.

If you are unsuccessful at calling dibs on one of my masks, you might be able to get one from some of the others in New Brunswick, although I know they are sewing flat out too.
Sunnybank Print House (Saint John)
Created Here (Saint John)
Birdie & Bub Clothing Co (Moncton)
Eco Fab Mama (Fredericton)
Hammerthreads (Woodstock)
The Apron Girl Boutique (Edmundston)
And many more, including on ETSY

If you want to make your own:
This is a link to the pattern that I generally follow - I’ve tweaked it a bit.

Here is another pattern that is very similar, from the Hammerthreads Homestead Blog. Ashley has made the instructions clear with beautiful photography of each step. I do my nose wire sleeve more like this one. But I keep an opening on either end of the filter pocket as described in the Craft Passion pattern.
Hammerthreads is in Woodstock, NB. You may have seen her gorgeous leather products at a craft show. She was my neighbour last Christmas in Saint John.
Love your local people.