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Interchangeable Needle Case

Interchangeable Needle Case

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This case is designed to hold a set of interchangeable needles, plus a few extras. (If you are looking for something to hold fixed circulars, double points and long straight needles, then you want the Combo Needle Roll)

This interchangeable needle case has 36 slots for needle tips, 10 pouches for cords, two zippered pockets, an open pocket, a clip for a rubber gripper and a strip for keeping T-pins handy.

When folded into a notebook shape, it measures 9.75” tall x 5.75” wide x 1-2” thick depending on how much stuff you have in it.

Opened up it measures 22.75” wide x 9.75” tall plus the flap.

Materials: The outside layer is 15oz cotton canvas. The inside material is lighter 10 oz cotton canvas.  

Please read the Care-Return-Resale policies prior to purchase.

Handmade in Mascarene, New Brunswick, Canada.

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